War Chronicles

Welcome to the personal blog of Matthew S Calfe, freelance Military Historian.

The aim of this blog is as an outlet for the musings and historical whims of me, the author, and will cover a number of subjects: mainly those within my research interests.

I am a graduate of Aberystwyth University, where I earned a Masters degree in International History and a Bachelors Degree in International Politics and Strategic Studies. I am a published historian on the Second World War, Tudor social class and Genealogy, and until very recently, FindmyPast’s ‘International Man of History’.


I also have a number of media credits, most recently as a Roman Military History Expert in an hour long documentary on the Roman invasion of Britain and subsequent Icenii rebellion. I will be working with the National Memorium Arboretum in July, delivering a lecture on the Home Guard.


If you have any questions about this blog or want to hire my services as a lecturer, speaker or presenter, send me an email via the contact us form or post a comment below.


Matt (McAber)


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